Official USSF Referee Certification Information

New GRASSROOTS Entry-Level Ref Certification classes

Please check with LYSA if you are interested in becoming a ref. LYSA is offering to help cover fees! Please check our ByLaws for more information!
Becoming a referee is a great way to help soccer develop in our community, PLUS you get paid for each game you ref! Fees to become a ref are subject to change.

Ref Certification Help Click this link if you are having any issue getting signed up for your Entry-Level Ref Certification Clinic.

Additionally, if you need financial assistance outside of what LYSA can offer, click here for the Scholarship Program. You must show proof of need for this program.

Guardians of the Game

“Indiana Soccer, as well as every youth and adult soccer organization in the United States has a declining number of referees that can be assigned to officiate our League, Recreational, Adult and even tournament matches. The Indiana Soccer Association, and the Indiana State Referee Association together have designed the Guardians of the Game course. The program is designed to ensure that the game goes on when the officiating crew is short staffed due to a no-show. It allows each club team to have a minimum of 2 Indiana Soccer Association Club AR’s, who will step in when the referee crew is short due to a no-show. These Guardians of the Game will be educated, via the webinar listed below, on the simple task of flagging balls in and out of touch, corner kicks and goals kicks. At no time will they be asked to make a call, such as a foul or offside.

Once the candidate views the 13 minute webinar and completes a ten question quiz, they will be certified as a Guardian of the Game.”

As a parent/guardian/sibling of a player, you are likely going to be at your player’s game regardless. Become a Guardian to ensure games won’t be cancelled due to a lack of officiating.

LYSA Rec Referee Information


For those just wanting to start out and see if refereeing is for you, please consider becoming a local ref for our Recreational programs (U7 and U9). This is a free program.

LYSA wants to take a little stress off the coaches for the Rec age groups. One of the many ideas we had was to form our own referee pool to run the games on Saturday mornings. With a ref to control the game, coaches don’t have to worry about calling fouls, who played the ball out of bounds, and keeping time all while trying to make sure the players are getting enough time and attention during the game. We want to open this completely FREE ref training to anyone interested. Once you have completed training with LYSA, you will be given a LYSA REF shirt, a whistle, and you can earn money for each game you ref. Parents, older siblings, cousins, fans of the game, sign up today!

We will help train for U7 and U9, but if you want, we do recommend getting your Small-Sided Ref Cert with the link towards the top of the page.


The mission of LYSA is to develop and enrich the youth in our community with the virtues of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and responsibility through the sport of soccer.

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