Our Mission

Our organization is built on the principles of developing players’ soccer skills as well as their self-esteem and teamwork.  Throughout the years LYSA has been dedicated to the betterment of athletes in the Boone County area.

Lebanon Youth Soccer Association is dedicated to building up the sport of soccer in the Boone County area, serving Lebanon, Western Boone, and any others who are dedicated and will travel to our fields. LYSA hosts both Spring and Autumn Seasons, with additional camps during the summer.

  Executive Board Members

  • President – Damon Kries
  • Vice President – Dylan Pohl
  • Secretary – Jon Lehmkuhler
  • Treasurer – Steve Thomas
  • At-Large – Ashley Bailey
  • At-Large – Steven Fitzgerald
  • At-Large – Emma Cottrell

  Directors and Coordinators

  General Board Members

  • Shane Conner – WBHS Men’s Head Coach
  • Scott Milam – LHS Men’s Head Coach
  • Samantha Parsons – LHS Women’s Head Coach
  • Shane Steimel – WBHS Women’s Head Coach
  • Brett Craig


  • Coaches – Damon Kries – Brett Craig –
  • Referees – Jon Lehmkuhler – Damon Kries –
  • Facilities – Scott Milam –
  • Scholarships – Executive Board
  • Fundraising and Sponsorships – Brett Craig – Damon Kries – 
  • Public Relations – Damon Kries – Jon Lehmkuhler
  • Organizational – Ashley Bailey- Steven Fitzgerald – Emma Cottrell

Lebanon Youth Soccer Association Bylaws

If you have any feedback about the website (broken links, incorrect information) please contact us and let us know. This organization and website are run by volunteers, and though we are vigilant, we might miss something! Keeping you up to date with correct information is our goal on this site, and any help is appreciated.

The mission of LYSA is to develop and enrich the youth in our community with the virtues of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and responsibility through the sport of soccer.

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