Gear Donations:

Soccer should be affordable, and one of the biggest costs associated with our sport is cleats. If you have lightly used cleats, or even shin guards, that you no longer use, instead of letting them sit in your garage for another couple years, bring them out to the fields. Instead of having to purchase brand new cleats every year your player grows, bring in last years pair and we will do our best to match your player up with the next size up. Old soccer balls that still hold air taking up space? Bring those in too. We want to make sure every player has the gear they need to succeed. With your help that can be a reality. Please feel free to bring gear to the fields on Saturday mornings during the season, or email us to set up a pickup or meeting time to collect gear.

Gear Donation Days!
tbd – Please reach out with any gear to donate!

Please bring out your gently used cleats/shin guards/etc!
We will have a tote set out by the barn to drop your gear.
If anyone would like to use this time to borrow gear for their player, please do!

Sponsor Donations:

If any company or you, personally, would like to sponsor LYSA in any way, we ask that you email us so we can make sure any specific requests or sponsor ideas be met with agreements from both parties, but you are also always welcome to write a check and mail it to the below location if you simply wish to donate money to our program.

705 Maple Dr.
Lebanon, IN 46052

We can email over a tax donation letter if desired, please simply communicate that need.

Typically we do Team Sponsors (Rec or Rec+) and also Field Sponsors, but LYSA always has needs for new gear (balls, cones, pinnies, nets, paint, zip ties, etc.) and also larger wish list items (new barn, new goals, etc.)


The mission of LYSA is to develop and enrich the youth in our community with the virtues of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and responsibility through the sport of soccer.

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