Age groups are by BIRTH YEAR. e.g. for the 2022 season, if your player was born in 2016, then 2022-2016=6 so they will play in the U7 league. 2022-2011=11  so they will play in the U11 league.

Spring Soccer – Please see LYSA Updates, Events, and News for information about the new age groups going forward. LYSA will create as many teams as needed depending on the number of players to sign up. Currently LYSA anticipates we will have the following options available each spring. ALL AGE DIVISIONS OVERVIEW (2022)
  Spring Academy (Ages 4-5)
  • Players in the U5 Academy meet once a week (Saturday mornings)
  • Players work on fun, simple activities to introduce core soccer skills (dribbling, shooting, etc)
  • This age group will use a Size 3 ball

  Recreation (Rec) League (Ages 6-9)
  • Players in the U7 and U9 leagues are assigned to teams that will compete against other LYSA teams in the same age group
  • All games are in Lebanon at Reese Park and no travel is involved
  • All teams will be Co-Ed
  • Each team will play approximately 6 games, with all scheduled games on Saturdays
  • The end of season picnic (date tbd) will host fun games for the players, as well as food and trophies!
  • Team Sizes
    • U7 plays 4 v 4 (no keeper) – 10 minute quarters – Size 3 ball
    • U9 plays 7 v 7 (6 + a keeper) – 25 minute halves – Size 4 ball
  • Please be sure to also see the LYSA Basic Soccer Rules for all questions about play for this level

  Inter-Community (Rec+) League (Ages 10-19)
  • Players in the U11, U13, U15, and U19 age ranges will be assigned to teams that play in the West Central Suburban Soccer Federation (WCSSF) Inter-Community league which has teams from Avon, Brownsburg, Danville, etc.
  • There will be travel involved, with half of the games played away and half in Lebanon at Reese Park
  • All teams will be Co-Ed
  • All players will play in every game for at least half of a game. This is still a recreation league, players are here to get game time and improve their game.
  • Each team will play approximately 10 games in a season PLUS a tournament at the end of the season!
  • Team Sizes (Division info)
    • U11 plays 7 vs. 7 (6 + a keeper) – 25 minute halves – Size 4 ball
    • U13 plays 9 vs. 9 (8 + a keeper) – 30 minute halves – Size 4 ball
    • U15 plays 11 vs. 11 (10 + a keeper) – 35 minute halves – Size 5 ball
    • U19 (HS) plays 11 vs. 11 (10 + a keeper) – 40 minute halves – Size 5 ball

We have had questions about what gear each age division will need. First, every player registered will get one jersey and one pair of soccer socks (for Spring Season only, Summer and Autumn will only come with shirts/jerseys). Everyone will need to get athletic shorts, and if desired, extra pairs of soccer socks. If your player wears glasses, they MUST have a strap on them for player safety. We also advise players do not wear jewelry of any kind (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.) to the fields.

U5 – We advise everyone have cleats and shin guards, but at this level there will not be any “competitive” play, so whatever your player is most comfortable in is best. It can be difficult to find shin guards that fit correctly at this age level as well, as you do not want the guards touching the player’s knee.

U7 and U9 – Cleats and shin guards are a requirement for player safety at this level. Make sure the shin guards do not reach your player’s knee for comfort/proper sizing.

U11 – U19 – Cleats and shin guards are a requirement for player safety at this level and will be checked by USSF Refs before each game (Spring only). Also, per league guidelines, black athletic shorts are preferred so teams are uniform. Make sure your player does not have a front toe cleat on their cleats. A front toe cleat is for baseball or American football, NOT for soccer.

Autumn Academy (ALL INFO TENTATIVE AT THIS TIME!) – LYSA will not create “teams” for the Autumn Academy. The Academy will focus on basic core skills for each age group.
  Autumn Academy (Ages 4-11)
  • Age groups will be U5, U7, U9, and U11 for the Academy
  • Players work on the basics of soccer and focus on education of the game to improve on a personal level
  • This will be a six week (tbd) program, Monday-Thursday practices, with Fridays as make-ups, and games on Saturdays
    • U5 – Mondays (tbd)
    • U7 – Tuesdays (tbd)
    • U9 – Wednesdays (tbd)
    • U11 – Thursdays (tbd)
  Coaching Academy
  • Autumn Academy is not just for kids, coaches will be able to receive training as well.
    • Coaches never stop learning the game either, make sure to take advantage of this coach training from our Director of Training, Brett Craig.

The mission of LYSA is to develop and enrich the youth in our community with the virtues of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and responsibility through the sport of soccer.

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