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Follow the link above for the option to request FREE tickets to the final two Indy XI games, Saturdays October 1 and 8. If you can attend, please show your LYSA pride!

Thank you and enjoy!

September 29, 2022 4:16 pm

Autumn Academy

The purpose of this academy is to help develop proper skills and learn the basic fundamentals of soccer for those not old enough to be playing for their school programs. Our aim is to have one day a week dedicated to each age group so they can come out as a group, have a fun and productive practice with the help of their coaches and led by LYSA so everyone is learning the same fundamentals. We will still have games on Saturdays as we did in the spring, but they will be much more focused on the fundamentals learned that week in practice over who wins. Additional info can be found at the bottom of the Age Groups and Info page.

Mondays – 2017-2018 birth years (U5)
Tuesdays – 2015-2016 birth years (U7)
Wednesdays – 2013-2014 birth years (U9)
Thursdays – 2011-2012 birth years (U11+)
Fridays – Makeup Day

All practices will be from 6-7:30pm

Saturday Game times
U5 @ 9am
U11 @ 9am
U7 @ 10am
U9 @ 11am

All games will be played on the small-sided 4v4 fields. Having smaller sided games allows each player more time on the ball and works on their control.

4v4 Game Rules for Autumn Academy

U7 – U11

FIFA Rules will be followed where not specifically deviated from below
Games will be played 4v4
      Substitutions are allowed at any stoppage of play by either team
There will be no keepers and goal box tending will be discouraged leading up to penalty.
Contact will be incidental only.
      Incidental contact is described as contact that is made by someone attempting to achieve the space around the ball and makes contact with another player in that space
      Examples of incidental contact
            - Tackles on the ball
            - Shielding the ball from an opponent
            - Small bumping when two players are running after the same ball
Kick offs
      - A kick off will start each segment of play, and after each goal scored.
      - Players on the opposing team must be outside the center circle on their side of the field
      - Opposing team cannot cross the half-line or enter the circle until the ball has been touched after the whistle
      - Kick offs are indirect
Goal arc (2yd arc)
      Players will not be able to touch the ball inside of the goal arc.
            - Players can go into the area, just not make contact with the ball
            - If an offensive player touches the ball the result is a goal kick
            - If a defensive player touches the ball the result is PK from 10 yds away.
      Players will be discouraged from tending the goal arc
            - Tending the goal box is when a player does not actively defend the other team out on the field but stays next to the goal arc.
            - It is not considered goal tending if the play is near enough to box that the player is active in defending while near the arc.
                  - First offense will be a warning
                  - Second offense will result in a reset of possession
                  - Third offense will result in a PK
Ball out of bounds resets
      - All balls out of bounds will be reset with a kick-in
      - All resets are indirect
      - Balls over the sideline will be kicked in by the team that did not touch the ball last from the point it leaves the field
      - Balls over the end line last touched by an offensive player will be played in from the top of the Goal Arc
      - Balls over the end line last touched by a defensive player will be played from the corner on that side of the goal
      - Opposing players must be 3 yards away from the ball being played in

– All Infractions deemed worthy of a free kick will be indirect, other than those described above resulting in a PK.

July 2, 2022 8:22 am

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Quick note to all, if you need to reach us, please email directly to as it appears our webform is not working properly. We are working to fix this, sorry for any confusion or issues caused.

ADDITIONALLY, Please make sure you have NOT opted out of receiving emails from LYSA. On your GotSport Account/Main Profile tab you should have the option to Opt-Out of mass email communication. If you selected the check box, please de-select it. 100% of the emails from LYSA Administration will come through GotSport and you will miss out on important information. IF you have checked all of this and you have not received a single email from LYSA or your coach, email us immediately!

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