Spring Season Surveys!

Survey for players/parents/guardians

If you have multiple players, please reply separately for each.

Survey for coaches/assistant coaches

If you coached multiple teams, please reply separately for each.

As always, whether you want to take the survey(s) or not, we welcome your comments and concerns via email, good and bad, about how we are doing and what we can do to improve. We hope everyone had a great Spring Season, and we look forward to more soccer this year with our Summer Camp options, and inaugural Autumn Academy coming later this year! Info on each coming soon.


May 20, 2022 2:15 pm

REC PICNIC – May 21st

Don’t forget about the upcoming picnic to celebrate the end of our Spring Rec Season! We want everyone to be able to come out, have some fun, eat some food, and get their trophies!

U5 age groups will continue with their Saturday morning times (Group#1 @ 9am, Group#2 @ 10:30am). After their training and games, they will get medals for their participation in the LARGEST Academy group we have ever had! Thank you all again so much for making this spring so fun for the little ones! After the medals are handed out, food will be available.

U7 teams will meet up to play a fun and challenging game brought to us by the Lebanon Elks Lodge #635. In the Autumn we will play host to the Elks Soccer Shoot, so the U7 teams can practice their skills at the passing gates game. There will be five goals set up in decreasing sizes for the players to hone their skills at accurate passes/shots. Players don’t need to be in full soccer attire, but we do still recommend athletic clothing and soccer cleats/tennis shoes. This is just for fun, and players are not required to take part. After each team has had time to play this game, their coaches or a board member will do a trophy presentation for their hard work this spring, and then all are welcome to get some food.

U9 teams will meet up on the smaller U7 fields and break out into smaller groups to play some fun pickup games with their own teammates. Please show up in your normal game attire so we can easily use pinnies to split the teams up. This will just be for fun and hopefully encourage smaller groups of players to want to come out during the summer to play small-sided (3v3 – 5v5) games with friends and family. After a quick game for the players, coaches or board members will hand out trophies, and then all are welcome to get some food.

2022 Picnic Schedule
We ask that each team attempt to show up as close to their start time as possible so we don’t have 191 families show up at once. We understand not everyone will be able to make it on time or at all on Saturday.  If you cannot make your team’s time but don’t want to miss out on the fun, still come out when you can and jump in with another group! We should have trophies by mid-week before the picnic, so if you cannot make it at all please just reach out and we can set up times for a board member to meet you at the fields another day.

PLEASE plan to bring your own cup/water bottle/drinks. We will have water and lemonade available in large serving containers, but to keep costs low and reduce waste, we will likely not have enough cups for everyone.

We will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips to eat and have water and lemonade available to drink.

May 14, 2022 9:19 am


Please check here daily (after 4pm) for the status of our fields. If the entire PARK is closed due to weather, there is to be NO ONE out practicing. We will only close the park if there are safety concerns (lightning, extreme winds, etc.). If we close the FIELDS you are still welcome to practice, but you must stay off the lined fields. If there is no notice about the PARK or FIELDS being closed, then please assume they are open. The DATE that they are closed will be included. This will be updated around 4pm on days with bad weather. I cannot get home any sooner to check the fields, so check at 4pm or later please.

Fields are OPEN unless otherwise noted

Technical training has concluded!

PARKING – We have VERY LIMITED PARKING. Please also see our parking options (and field layout) on our Field Layout page. Reminder, there is NO PARKING at the Eagles Lodge nor is there parking at the apartments across the street from Reese Park, and you will be asked to move, or towed by the owners of those buildings. We were also contacted by the laundromat across the street and they requested we not park in the spots DIRECTLY in front of their business. Let’s please be good neighbors for our picnic.

April 4, 2022 2:40 pm



Technical Training has concluded for the Spring season!

Please check our website before practices and games. If there is bad weather we may close the fields.
See the Master Schedule for contact info if you are needing to reschedule a practice or Rec league game


Rec+ WCSSF Schedules

Rec League Schedules

  • Any rainout games will be re-scheduled by the LYSA Board in order to meet field availability for Rec League.
  • Please try to be quick in and quick out before and after games to minimize large groups of people at one time at the fields. There will be extra space away from the fields for small gatherings as needed. We ask that everyone adhere to the best of their ability any and all guidelines set forth by not only the State of Indiana, but also by Indiana Soccer.
  • U5 Academy Sessions will occur each Saturday morning on the designated U5 Academy Field (Group #1 at 9am and Group #2 at 10:30am) beginning April 9 16 (due to weather) and will occur each Saturday until May 14 21 (6 weekends).
  • Picnic & Rec Fun Day – May 21st – Please plan to attend



Please see our Rules, Forms, and GotSport Help help page for all questions regarding the rules for your age group.

If you have any age specific questions, please check Age Groups and Info or feel free to reach out via email or FB messenger.

March 27, 2022 12:00 pm

Contact Us Form Not Working

Quick note to all, if you need to reach us, please email directly to as it appears our webform is not working properly. We are working to fix this, sorry for any confusion or issues caused.

ADDITIONALLY, Please make sure you have NOT opted out of receiving emails from LYSA. On your GotSport Account/Main Profile tab you should have the option to Opt-Out of mass email communication. If you selected the check box, please de-select it. 100% of the emails from LYSA Administration will come through GotSport and you will miss out on important information. IF you have checked all of this and you have not received a single email from LYSA or your coach, email us immediately!

March 18, 2022 4:47 pm

2022 Calendar


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