2022 Autumn Academy Registration

Registration for LYSA’s first Autumn Academy is now CLOSED. There will not be any late registrations as we will not be able to order our jerseys passed that date. Registration will be $50 per player for every age group, with a $5 discount for each additional player per household. Each age group will train as one team with coaches for the age groups running small sessions on their nights. In order to keep costs low, we will not be giving out soccer socks for the Autumn Academy, only jerseys. Please take advantage of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Sponsor Days (20% discount in-store, August 12-15) to get socks for your player.

Season will begin the week of August 22nd, running through to our final day on October 8th.

September 6th and September 8th will be our first ever Lebanon vs. Western Boone LYSA days. On Tuesday the 6th, the LYSA girls will be admitted for free (must be accompanied by an adult and wearing their LYSA jersey) into the game between visiting Webo girls and hosts Lebanon girls at the LHS soccer complex. The girls will be mascots, ball girls, or allowed to play a small sided game at half time. On Thursday the 8th, same for the boys in the program. This will be in lieu of practices for that week. More info on this will come out once the season has started.

The purpose of this academy is to help develop proper skills and learn the basic fundamentals of soccer for those not old enough to be playing for their school programs. Our aim is to have one day a week dedicated to each age group so they can come out as a group, have a fun and productive practice with the help of their coaches and led by LYSA so everyone is learning the same fundamentals. We will still have games on Saturdays as we did in the spring, but they will be much more focused on the fundamentals learned that week in practice over who wins. Additional info can be found at the bottom of the Age Groups and Info page.

Mondays – 2017-2018 birth years (U5)
Tuesdays – 2015-2016 birth years (U7)
Wednesdays – 2013-2014 birth years (U9)
Thursdays – 2011-2012 birth years (U11+)
Fridays – Makeup Day

All practices will be from 6-7:30pm

Saturdays – U5 & U11+ @ 9am
– U9 @ 10am
– U7 @ 11am

All games will be played on the small-sided 4v4 fields. Having smaller sided games allows each player more time on the ball and works on their control.


The mission of LYSA is to develop and enrich the youth in our community with the virtues of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and responsibility through the sport of soccer.

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