Lebanon Youth Soccer Association (LYSA) is a recreational soccer league.  Our focus is on developing a love and passion for the sport of soccer.  Some players, however, wish to move beyond the  “for fun” experience we offer.  To facilitate those players, we have partnered with the Zionsville Youth Soccer Assoc (ZYSA) to help transition these players from recreational to travel/select soccer.

In soccer, there are essentially 2 types:


  • Every child gets on a team, regardless of experience or ability
  • Every team is blended to equally mix experienced players and more novice players
  • All players are guaranteed to play at least 50% of every game
  • Rules are set in place to ensure games remain “fair”
  • Coaches are typically parent volunteers
  • Sign ups typically start in January for spring league (LYSA does not do a fall league because the Boys and Girls Club does K-5 and our local middle schools do 6-8).
  • Costs are generally lower.


  • Players must try out and earn their spot on a team
  • Players are given play time according to their past performance at games and practice
  • Coaches are required to have formal training in soccer coaching
  • Tryouts are in early June for the upcoming fall AND the following spring (e.g. if you want to play spring 2018, you must try out in June 2017)
  • Costs can be much higher (but ZYSA does have an assistance program to get help in paying for the program)

If your player has any interest in playing more competitive soccer, please consider trying out for the ZYSA select teams program. Here are some documents they provided.

And finally, here are a few links directly to ZYSA information

And, if anyone has any questions, they are welcomed to reach out to us (askLysa@lebanonyouthsoccer.com) and we will help as best we can.




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The mission of LYSA is to develop and enrich the youth in our community with the virtues of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and responsibility through the sport of soccer.

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