Welcome to the new hub for changes to LYSA, upcoming events, and overall news! New information will be dated to keep posts from becoming confusing and newer/more important items will be moved to the top of the page.

First and foremost, with the new season registration open, please print, share, and post our QR Code Registration Flyer anywhere you are able! We need your help getting this posted for new players to see what we are all about! (12/27/21)

Age Group Revamp! The first and biggest change will be how the age groups are laid out. Our Rec+ League, WCSSF, recently altered their age groups to U11, U13, U15, and U19(HS). So, to keep in line with that change, we have decided to alter our age groups for the Rec League to U5, U7, and U9. The U5 will operate like the old U4 Academy did in previous years, as a Saturday morning Academy to focus on 4- and 5-year old’s as they get their first start in the game. U7 will operate as both the former U6 and U8 groups did, with one practice a week and Saturday morning games on the smaller fields. We also plan to implement local refs to assist coaches in running these games. U9 will operate similarly to the old U10 division did on a slightly larger field that the U7s, with one or two refs to oversee those games. This should help streamline players to be ready for the challenges of Rec+ and potentially even travel soccer. (12/31/21)

Dick’s Sporting Goods Deal Days! Our corporate sponsor, Dick’s Sporting Goods, will be hosting a weekend of discounts March 18th-21st. There will be a link to the coupons and deals closer to those dates. (1/22/22)

League Sponsor Days! El Meson will be hosting two league sponsor days to support LYSA. March 16th and May 11th.
We are also working with a few new sponsors this year and hope to have more of these days that not only help LYSA, but also help our local businesses in the process. (1/22/22)

Expanding Our Scope. LYSA has heard the calls/requests/demands/concerns of all our parents, guardians, players, et al and we will be EXPANDING not only to host an Autumn Academy League, but also host Summer Soccer Camps! There is a lot still to be worked out, as we also have a new registration platform we are learning, so please be patient as we learn and grow with your players! (1/14/22)

LYSA Bylaws and new Executive Board. The new Bylaws can be viewed on our website under the About US tab. With the new bylaws, a new Board of Directors was chosen and voted upon by the former Board. The new Board for the 2022 season is: President, Damon Kries; Vice-President, Dylan Pohl; Treasurer, Steve Thomas; Secretary, Jon Lehmkuhler; and three (3) At-Large Members, Katelynn James, Samantha Parsons, and Josh Thieke who will be liaisons for age group specific questions and issues. Brett Craig retained his newly created role of Director of Training and will continue to help us train our coaches to better train the players to help get the best out of everyone involved. LHS and WBHS head coaches Shane Connor (WBHS), Nick Hyatt (LHS), Scott Milam (LHS), and Shane Steimel (WBHS) will help coordinate efforts to make sure that Lebanon and Western Boone schools are well represented and that we are doing all we can for both programs. (1/14/22)

Open Play Access. Not only do we intend to open the fields up as early as we can in the Spring so players and teams can get extra time on the field, but as many have seen, we are also keeping the fields open as late into the season as possible (finally had to pull the goals before they froze to the ground!). There may not always be lines striped, but cones and goals will be made available throughout the year in 2022. Weather pending, the fields should be open in March. Always check the website to see if we need to protect the fields by closing them. Information about Spring Season dates will be posted separately! (1/14/22)

Donations and Assistance. Thanks to the Boone County Boys and Girls Club’s donations and Damon’s efforts, we also have approximately 60 pairs of cleats in various sizes, and around a dozen pairs of shin guards. These were acquired mostly through donations, and a little bit of time and money spent, to help support our community. This store of gear is here to assist those either just starting out with soccer, or those who need additional support. We would rather a player be comfortable in the right size cleats, instead of trying to force one more year out of a smaller pair. If you have a need do not hesitate to reach out. We plan to hold donation drives for lightly used gear to make soccer as affordable and accessible to everyone as we can. We also have more soccer balls than we have space for, and we will continue to get more every year. If your player does not have a soccer ball, be sure to ask for one. Information on when and where donations of lightly used gear can be dropped off will come closer to the start of the season. (1/14/22)

Check back here regularly for new information!

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The mission of LYSA is to develop and enrich the youth in our community with the virtues of good sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, and responsibility through the sport of soccer.

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