2022 Spring Registrations!

HEADS UP, registration is a little different this year! If you have ANY issues, please reach out through our contact form and I will try to resolve it quickly. We will only have two programs for registering, Rec (U5-U9) and Rec+ (U11-U19), instead of one for each age group. Guardians will make ONE account for themselves and create individual player profiles that are ATTACHED to their personal account. Please please, do NOT create multiple accounts. The new system is very streamlined so we do not have to create multiple logins any further. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We also highly recommend checking the “Getting Registered” instructions at Rules, Forms, GotSport Help for more information! Also, make sure the email you use is one you will use for everything LYSA.

Additionally, if you have any questions regarding the age groups, please see Age Groups and Info.

Coaching Discounts: Guardians who volunteer to coach will get a refund on costs.
Specific Level (4v4, 7v7, etc) Cert: Full refund on single player fee
Grassroots Intro only Cert: 50% refund on single player fee
No Grassroots Cert: $20.00 refund on single player fee

Please also help share our QR Code Registration Flyer

Rec (U5-U9) Registrations are open until March 13th.

Any requests for late registrations will come with a $10 late fee or be denied depending on timing/roster availability.

Registration for Rec (birth years 2013 – 2018) Please note 2013 birth years MAY sign up for Rec+ if they wish, but they will be playing in the U11 Rec+ League. This is a more challenging level of play and will require travel to neighboring communities.

– Please make sure if you have multiple players in this division to register them all before checking out.

Rec+ (U11-U19) Registrations are open until March 6th.

Any requests for late registrations will come with a late fee or be denied depending on timing/roster availability.

PLEASE NOTE for Rec+ (U11-U19) you will be REQUIRED to upload a new copy of your player’s birth certificate as well as a “passport” style photograph (close-up, head-shot only). We were migrated to a new software system this year and previous data has been lost. Please have both of these items ready on whatever device you are using to register. Pictures of the birth cert are fine, but must be clear and legible.

Registration for Rec+ (birth years 2003 – 2012. Birth year 2013 may sign up if player wishes to play up in Rec+)
Please note for the U19/HS team, players MUST be enrolled in High School in 2022, and only 7 players per gender per school (per high school team) are allowed on one team per IHSAA rules.

– Please make sure if you have multiple players in this division to register them all before checking out.

LYSA does not have any affiliation with nor have any say about NCSA being on the sign-ups. You might be contacted from a recruiter after signing up, but there are no requirements or expectations from anyone to use this service.

LYSA would prefer everyone register using the above online registration options, but in the event you are unable to do so we offer a printable PDF version of our registration form. These MUST be mailed by March 6th for Rec+ and March 13th for Rec, but we would prefer they be mailed much earlier so there is no risk of having to deny registration and return your registration check if it is received after the hard deadline set by the league.

December 27, 2021 5:19 pm

Rec Ref Training Program

This year, LYSA wants to take a little stress off the coaches for the Rec age groups. One of the many ideas we had was to form our own referee pool to run the games on Saturday mornings. With a ref to control the game, coaches don’t have to worry about calling fouls, who played the ball out of bounds, and keeping time all while trying to make sure the players are getting enough time and attention during the game. Board members will help cover, but we want to open this completely FREE ref training to anyone interested. Once you have completed training with LYSA, you will be given a LYSA REF shirt, a whistle, and you can earn money for each game you ref. $5 for each U7 game and $10 for each U9 game. Parents, older siblings, cousins, fans of the game, sign up today! Free to register, and no obligation.

LYSA Rec Ref in Training Registration

If you have already created your main account by registering players, you will use the same login and info to register for this program. If not, please follow the instructions for “Getting Registered” at Rules, Forms, GotSport Help. At this time we are not putting any age limits on this program, but please only register if you feel confident in running a game of U7 and U9 players (typically 12+).

If you are interested in being properly certified and earning more money to ref at the Rec+ and Travel/Club levels, please see the links below for entry-level certification classes. You are welcome to take any class you can register for, but Thom Parks is our local Ref Assignor and we recommend taking his classes as he is local. Refs are in short supply in every sport and state, but we take our ref safety very seriously and will always protect our refs. We have a zero-tolerance policy on abuse at our fields, as do many around us, and you can always look for a LYSA certified board member at Reese Park for questions or issues.

December 26, 2021 5:19 pm

Coaching Classes and Resources!

US Soccer has recently altered the pathway to becoming a certified coach.  If you are currently a coach, or wish to become one, we highly recommend you get your Grassroots Certification.

We also have our own set of resources available here: Coaching Classes and Resources!

If you are interested in coaching, please note that LYSA coaches will receive a partial to a full refund on their player’s registration fees. Please check during registration for more information regarding this incentive.

November 21, 2021 2:00 am

Become A Referee!

New GRASSROOTS Entry Level Ref Certification classes for 2022

LYSA is always hoping to grow our list of available referees!

Interested Referees Click Here!

Please check with LYSA if you are interested in becoming a ref. LYSA is offering to help cover fees! Please check our ByLaws for more information!
Becoming a referee is a great way to help soccer develop in our community, PLUS you get paid for each game you ref!

November 12, 2021 11:00 am

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